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Stonemill Farms Community Wins Again!

2017 Outstanding Community Building

By An Association

Caroline Maddux, Justin Voigt and John Eiselt accept the 2017 CAI award for Outstanding Community Building By An Association.

This award is given to the association that does an outstanding job at community resourcefulness, has a strong sense of commitment to enhancing the community, and recognizes and uses the strengths of its individuals within the association to build a better community for all homeowners.

This award is not easy to win and there were some pretty great communities nominated this year, but for the second time in three years, Stonemill Farms Community won it!


Monday, September 11, 2017

Beginning on Monday, September 11th, Mulberry Drive will be closed from Ivywood Trail to Lake Road. Note, this is only from Ivywood Trail to Lake Road. The rest of Mulberry Drive will be open.

The school bus company and the trash removal vendor have also been notified.

If you live on Ivywood Trail west of Settlers Ridge, Ms. Keller has requested that you contact her regarding your street. While letters have gone out and the City intends to put notices on doors, Ms. Keller wants to try to reach everyone on Ivywood Trail, west of Settlers Ridge. Please contact her at:

Teresa Keller
Engineering Project Coordinator


November 19, 2017



LA Rams

Noon Game

Sold Out!


Tennis Sanitation: 651-459-1887

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who do we contact about missed pickups/bin sizes/yard waste/bulk pick up/other service questions?
You may contact Tennis directly at 651-459-1887

Last week I accidentally put my trash in the Tennis bin and Republic wouldn't pick it up, why and now what?
Republic stated they could not legally service Tennis bins. However, because of this, Tennis will be picking up all trash,

including the trash Republic wouldn't on Monday, July 3rd at no extra charge.

Why wasn’t yard waste negotiated into the contract?
For the homeowners who use the service, yard waste was negotiated into the contract at the best rate we could obtain.

It was free before, why won’t the Association pay for the yard waste?
As with all costs related to the Association, yard waste would have to have been accounted for in the budget. The Association was never charged for yard waste, therefore, it was never considered for the budget. In order for the Association to pay for yard waste, dues would have to have been increased approximately $8.00 per month, per homeowner.

Why do I have to pay for a larger trash bin?
The Association has only ever covered the cost of 65 gallons trash cans. If a homeowner wanted a larger bin, they were to set it up with Troje’s directly and Troje’s would bill them separately. It is our understanding some people didn’t get charged for a larger can and some people did. The Association was never billed for larger trash cans for anyone, therefore, it was never considered for the budget. As with the yard waste, if the Association was to pay for the larger trash cans, the dues would have gone up another $3.50 per month, per homeowner.

Why weren’t the homeowners informed they would have to pay for yard waste/larger bins?
Homeowners were informed there was going to be a yard waste change in September, 2016 in an email that went out containing a letter from Republic. We tried very hard to keep it free to homeowners, but no trash vendor would offer that. Vendors have to send out a separate truck and also have to pay dumping fees for yard waste so that ends up being a cost to the Association and/or homeowners.

As for the larger bins, as stated above, it was believed that all homeowners were being charged for larger bins so we did not feel the need to inform people of an extra charge for larger bins.

Can we store the yard waste bins outside next to the house/garage?
No. In order to keep the aesthetic standard of Stonemill Farms, yard waste bins must be kept in the garage just like the trash and recycling bins.

Why Tennis Sanitation?
Four vendors were sent the request for proposal (two national companies and two local companies). One of the vendors was the current vendor, Republic Services. Tennis was the company than came back with the best prices (including yard waste, bulk items, etc.). They also had the best rating when it came to customer service.

Why are we changing vendors again?
We actually didn’t change the vendor voluntarily. Troje’s was purchased by Republic Services through the bankruptcy process. We really didn’t have a choice with regard to vendors as we were locked into a contract the Court would not allow us to cancel.

Will our trash day change?
No. The trash day will remain Monday. Please have trash & recycling on curb by 6:00 AM

When will we get new cans?
New trash and recycling cans will be delivered beginning the week of June 19th .

What about the old cans?
You may leave them at the end of your driveway on the last day of Republic Services pick up which will be June 26th. It may take them a couple of days to retrieve all of the cans so please leave them out at the end of your driveway.

Since there will be a transition of about two weeks with the cans, you my leave one set of cans outside your garage until the transition is complete.

What are the can sizes?

  • Each single family home will have a 65 gallon cart for trash and a 65 gallon cart for single sort recycling.
  • Each townhome will have a 65 gallon cart for trash and a 35 gallon cart for single sort recycling.

You can change the cart sizes to fit your needs. Once service has been started (July 3rd), please call the Tennis customer service at 651-459-1887 and they will arrange for a different size can

Will there be yard waste service?
Yes, however, there will be a charge for this service:

  • Yard waste must be arranged with Tennis directly.
  • $3.00 per bag with a two (2) bag minimum pick up. OR
  • $95.00 for the season (mid-April through mid-November. Homeowners will get a 95 gallon cart that they can simply wheel out to the end of the driveway each week.
  • Yard waste will be billed to the homeowner.

We’ve never been charged before for yard waste so why are we getting charged now?
Per Minnesota law, yard waste cannot go in with regular trash. The haulers have to send out a separate truck to pick up yard waste and also they get charged for dumping it. Republic Services honored the Troje contract and didn’t charge for yard waste. However, as noted above in question #1, all of the vendors who were sent the request for proposal came back with a charge for yard waste. To arrange yard waste pick up, please call Tennis directly at 651-459-1887.

What if I have bulk items?
Homeowners must call and arrange the pickup with Tennis directly. The cost ranges from $10.00 to $125.00 depending on the type and size of item. You may contact Tennis at 651-459-1887.

Will they pick up electronics?

Yes. As with bulk items there is a charge and homeowners must call Tennis at 651-459-1887 and arrange the pickup with Tennis directly.

NOTE: As part of the Tennis service, they will provide each household one bulk item per year at no additional charge. This excludes mattresses and/or box springs (they get charged extra for this).

What about customer service?
Tennis has an excellent customer service team and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Do you expect any issues during the transition?
We do not anticipate any serious issues. However, with over 1,000 homes, we do expect one or two hiccups, but Tennis will work through these as quickly as possible.

Who do we call if there are issues?
For any any issues relating to customer service, including missed pick up, to arrange yard waste or bulk item pick up, please call Tennis directly at 651-459-1887


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