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Due to the weather conditions, the Community Center and Residents' Club will be closing early today,
Monday, January 22nd at 2:30.

They will reopen tomorrow at the usual time, 10:00 AM

The Fitness Center will be open its normal schedule.

The Warming Room will also be open its normal schedule, however, skaters will not be able to access the vending machines.


Christmas Tree Pick Up

Tennis will pick up your Christmas tree on the regular trash day.

There is no extra charge for this service.

Set your tree next to your trash bin on trash day.

Trees more than 6 feet must be cut in half to be picked up.

If you have any questions, please call Tennis directly at 651-459-1887.


9 AM - 10 PM Daily


Dear Homeowners:

Below please find the wonderful note we received from Cub Scout Pack 601.

Thank you for all of your generous donations for this very worthy cause. You have helped make Christmas a little brighter for hundreds of children.

Stonemill Farms is truly an amazing place.

Thank you.

Cordelia Cronen
Community Manager


Hi Cordelia & Carol,

I appreciate all of your help with the 2017 Toys for Tots Collection. Collectively, with help from our community partners, including the generous donations from Stonemill Farms and Lyman Lumber, this year’s toy drive brought in 35% (140) more toys! Woodbury’s Cub Scout Pack 601 dropped off 540 new toys and $190 at the 8:00 AM Kare-11 Saturday newscast on Dec. 16. A link of the newcast can be found on the Kare-11 website: KARE11 Toys for Tots


Christmas Tree Pick Up
Tennis will pick up your Christmas tree on the regular trash day for no extra charge. Set your tree next to your trash bin on trash day. If the tree is more than 6 feet, you will need to cut it in half before they pick it up. If you have any questions, please call Tennis at 651-459-1887.

We have received several complaints regarding dogs not on leashes and pet waste not being picked up. Please remember, per the Rules and Regulations, Common Area Rules, I., (H) Pets. “Pets are to be on leashes at all times in the Stonemill Farms common areas. Dog walkers are responsible for “cleaning up” after their pets. Pets are not allowed in the facility or in the Aquatic Park, (except for Assistance Animals)” The City of Woodbury Ordinance on leashes and pet waste can be found here: City of Woodbury

Holiday Displays:
Display of holiday decorations may not be displayed more than 30 days prior to the holiday event and must be removed within 15 days following the holiday.

Hockey Rinks:
Personal hockey rinks are permitted, however, they do require a DRC Application. Please send your DRC Application to You may pick up a DRC Application at the Community Center or you may find it online in the Stonemill Life Library.

Rules For Hockey Rinks:

  • Size Limits: 24’ X 48 ‘
  • Board Specifications: Must not be higher than 3’. Boards must be covered in white tarp, so as to blend in with the surrounding snow.
  • Lighting: No temporary floodlights are allowed. Lighting must come from existing exterior home lighting.
  • Usage Times: 9AM – 9PM
  • Periods of Construction: Construction cannot begin before November 1st and must be disassembled in completion by March 31st (weather permitting)

New Mailbox Project Information

Stonemill Farms will be replacing all mailboxes in a two phase plan. Phase I will replace the mailboxes on North end of the property (North of Lake Road) beginning early November. Phase II will replace mailboxes on the South end of the property in the spring.

Mailbox Project FAQ

Why are we getting new mailboxes?
Due to the age of the mailboxes and also to ensure uniformity of the community.

Why is the North end (North of Lake Road) the starting point?
The North end is the older section of Stonemill Farms, therefore, the mailboxes are near or at the end of life.

When will the mailboxes installation begin?
We are planning on the second week in November, weather permitting. Homeowners on the North end (North of Lake) will receive an email prior to the installers getting to their street. The South end will be notified in the spring once the frost is out of the ground.

Who is responsible for maintenance of the new mailboxes?
The Association will be responsible for general maintenance and upkeep of the mailboxes. Any damage to the mailboxes outside of general maintenance, accidental or otherwise, will be the responsibility of the homeowner. Example: Accidentally backing into the mailboxes, etc.

What about the numbers, do homeowners still have to get the stickers from the Community Center?
If the numbers need to be replaced, let the Community Center know either by email to or by calling 651-998-0790 and they will be replaced for you.

Why didn’t we get locking mailboxes?
Locking mailboxes could cause potential issues for homeowners due to lost keys. However, the Board has approved an optional locking insert homeowners may purchase.

How do we get a locking insert?
If you are interested in getting a locking insert, please go to the Community Center and fill out the request form. We will order it and arrange for installation. The cost of the insert and installation will be $100.00 and must be paid for at the time of the request. Please note, the homeowner is responsible for keys. The Community Center staff will not keep any keys for locking mailboxes.

Why can’t the staff at the Community Center keep extra keys?
Due to the number of homes in the community, it would be impractical for the Community Center to keep and maintain mailbox keys for homeowners.

What do the new mailboxes look like?
The new mailboxes will look similar to the picture on the right, black boxes on a white post. To ensure uniformity, the black and white color combination will be used throughout Stonemill Farms. After much research, it was determined that this color combination is the most resistent to color fading in our climate. The mailboxes that have more than two boxes will be evenly spaced between the posts as outlined in the drawing on the left. The address numbers will go on the front of the mailbox as they are currently.

Please refer to the drawing for the actual design. The picture on the right is for aesthetic visual only.

Do the new mailboxes have a newspaper box?
The pictures don’t show a newspaper box. Due to the number of complaints we’ve received from homeowners regarding unwanted flyers, newspapers, trash, etc., it was decided to forego the newspaper box.

What type of materials are being used?
The mailboxes are aluminum and the posts are a composite material that is low/no maintenance.


When we have the install date, you will be sent an email and we will put flags along with a flyer in your newspaper box. Please use the flags to mark the following items around the current mailboxes: Underground pet fencing, your sprinkler heads, etc. If you need more flags, please stop by the Community Center to pick up more.

If you have rocks around the mailbox posts: Please move the rocks back one and a half feet to make it easier for the installers.

The installers are also landscapers with Warner’s Outdoor Solutions. They will do everything they can to prevent damage to landscaping. The Board has approved repairs to any damaged landscaping around the mailboxes if necessary.

To report damage caused by mailbox installation, please email or call the office at 651-998-0790 and we will arrange for repairs. Please note, the people installing the mailboxes have been instructed to do just the installing. Any landscaping repairs will be handled by a different crew.

Important Dates- Mark Your Calendar

Jan 20 Family Skating Party Hockey Day Minnesota

Feb 17 Casino Night Roaring '20s Great Gatsby Theme

Mar 24 Easter Bunny visits Stonemill

May 19 4th Annual Stonemill 5K for Charity

Jun 29 Independence Day Celebration


Stonemill Farms Community Wins Again!

2017 Outstanding Community Building

By An Association

Caroline Maddux, Justin Voigt and John Eiselt accept the 2017 CAI award for Outstanding Community Building By An Association.

This award is given to the association that does an outstanding job at community resourcefulness, has a strong sense of commitment to enhancing the community, and recognizes and uses the strengths of its individuals within the association to build a better community for all homeowners.

This award is not easy to win and there were some pretty great communities nominated this year, but for the second time in three years, Stonemill Farms Community won it!


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Pet Reminder

When out walking your pet, please remember to clean up their waste. Thank you!

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