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Stonemill Farms Community Association

Notice of Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Stonemill Farms Community Association will be held:
Monday, May 20, 2019
6:00 to 7:30 PM

Stonemill Farms Community Center
11390 Waterview Way
Woodbury, MN 55129

The main purpose of this meeting will be the election of directors to serve on the Board of Directors for the Association. Other matters concerning the affairs of the Association will be discussed. The Agenda for the meeting is as follows:

The Agenda

  1. Establish Quorum of the Board & Delegates
  2. Introductions
  3. Announcement of Neighborhood Delegates
  4. Approval of the 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes
  5. Review of current Actual Expenses
  6. Annual Management Report
  7. Review of the approved 2019/2020 Budget
  8. Election of the Board of Directors
  9. Election Results
  10. Adjournment

If you have any questions or concerns prior to the Annual Meeting please contact Cordelia at:

Saturday, May 4

8:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Stonemill Farms POND CLEAN UP Event!


to do some outdoor spring cleaning around the ponds.

Trash bags, supplies and water will be provided for the volunteers,

as well as a snack when we are done!

To volunteer call 651-998-0790 or email events

Meet at the Community Center at 8:00 AM on Saturday, May 4

(Weather Permitting)


Wednesday, May 29th!!!

To sign up, please go to Carnival of Crafts

Family Outing

Stonemill Farms to Target Center

Minnesota Timberwolves Game 1.06.19

Stonemill Farms Brings It Home Again!

Association of the Year

Front Row Left to Right: Sofia Niaz, Shiney Vang, Carol Severson, Tanya Daniels, Caroline Maddux, Cordelia Cronen
Back Row Left to Right: Justin Voigt, John Eiselt, Nathan Cornelius


Stonemill Farms Community!

2019 Events - Mark Your Calendar

Feb 13 Kids Valentine's Day Themed Carnival of Crafts

Feb 16 Adult 21+ Casino Night

Apr 6 Easter Bunny Visits Stonemill

May 4 Annual Pond Clean Up Day

Jun 1 Stonemill Farms Annual 5K for Charity

Jun 28 Independence Day Celebration

July 6 Music at the Pool

August 10 Music at the Pool

August 11 Family Outing St. Paul Saints Game

Sep 27 Oktoberfest

Nov 22 Holiday Kick-Off & Tree Lighting

Dec 7 Santa and His Reindeer Visit Stonemill


Stonemill Farms Community Wins Again!

2017 Outstanding Community Building

By An Association

Caroline Maddux, Justin Voigt and John Eiselt accept the 2017 CAI award for Outstanding Community Building By An Association.

This award is given to the association that does an outstanding job at community resourcefulness, has a strong sense of commitment to enhancing the community, and recognizes and uses the strengths of its individuals within the association to build a better community for all homeowners.

This award is not easy to win and there were some pretty great communities nominated this year, but for the second time in three years, Stonemill Farms Community won it!


Get the most up to date information on Stonemill Farms Community Events on the Community Event Calendar.

All Community Events are highlighted in orange.

Click on the link below!

Community Event Calendar

Pet Reminder

When out walking your pet, please remember to clean up their waste. Thank you!


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4/24/2019 - The Townes at Stonemill Farms Board Meeting-Community Centermore

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