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Community Team

The Stonemill Farms Community Association is professionally managed by
Associa Minnesota.

Stonemill Farms Community Center
Daily 10 AM - 9 PM
*Please check the community calendar for any changes to these regular business hours*

Cordelia Cronen, CMCA, AMS
General Manager
Email: cordelia.cronen@associa.us
Office: (651) 998-0790, Ext. 0

Carol Severson
Director of Community Events and Communications
Email: carol.severson@stonemilllife.com
Office: (651) 998-0790, Ext. 2

Shiney Vang
Assistant Manager
Email: Shiney.Vang@associa.us
Direct: (651) 998-0790 Ext. 2

Nate Cornelius
Facilities Manager
Email: nathan.cornelius@associa.us
Phone: 651-998-0790

Sofia Niaz
Email:  Sofia.Niaz@stonemilllife.com
Phone:  651-998-0790

Missy Berglund
Team Member
Email:  Missy.Berglund@stonemilllife.com
Phone:  651-998-0790

Cheryl Robideaux
Team Member
Email:  Cheryl.Robideaux@stonemilllife.com
Phone:  651-998-0790